Database Development

  Single-user database.

This is the most basic of all databases.  This type of database would be used to track a collection of items such as an inventory.  The database would reside on one computer and be used by one or more persons on that computer.

  Multi-user database (client/server)

This type of database would be used by multiple users from multiple computers.  The data would reside on a server or a single computer that a front end user interface on multiple computers could simultaneously access the data on the server. This type of database would be used by personnel from multiple departments to track inventory from receiving to sales to shipping etc.

  Multi-user multi-location database (client/server or web-based)

This would enable the database such as inventory to be accessed worldwide. This type of database could also be integrated with other systems such as accounting etc.

  e-commerce (World Wide Web)

This type of database would be accessible on larger scale by employees and customers alike.  This could also integrate multiple systems allowing employees and customers access to data from almost anywhere in the world. This type of web site and database integration could be used to process customer orders, run e-business store fronts, process credit card transactions etc.

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